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Behaviour is the ultimate success factor to set people in motion

Intenza is specialised in creating motion leading to a new behaviour. Years of experience with top-class companies (big and small) have shown that focus and management of behaviour lead to motion next to more energy and better results. Both with regard to individuals, teams and by extension the entire organisation.

Conscious and subconscious behaviour

We consider behaviour the ultimate success factor. Scientific research made clear that only 5% of our behaviour can be defined as conscious. 95% thus is subconscious behaviour. Stimuli from the daily (working) environment influence our subconscious behaviour (source: Ben Tiggelaar and other behavioural scientists). Most of the training courses are ‘5% interventions’ mainly leading to ‘occasional behaviour’ during the training or intervention.

Intenza believes in developing ‘customary behaviour’ and thus develops programmes as to this. Our programmes include tools for managers enabling them to mobilise the remaining 95%. It results into a sustainable change of behaviour instead of occasional behaviour.

  • From intention to motion
  • No ‘tricks’
  • Scientifically proven
  • From thinking to doing
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