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Jacqueline Kooijman


Manager and director in commercial service since 1986. Driven by a passion for the individual within organisations I work as trainer, (executive) coach and consultant since 1995. I focus on ambition, motion and result. Both at a personal and organisational level.

Personal passion

Guiding and inspiring people to act with self-knowledge being aware of their own responsibility and convinced that behaviour is a result of their decisions not of circumstances. Only then motion, development and continuity will lead to success and happiness.


Open, practical, vivid, challenging, discerning, mirroring and connecting. In a proactive way I help you to use your own strength to realise your ambitions.


To inspire managers and boards of organisations facing a transition to realise the connection and collaboration with all levels of the organisation based on strength, deliberate choices and responsibility. I help them realise a different behaviour based on authenticity, strength and paradigm change.

It means that people are aware of the fact that personal and professional success and happiness can only be achieved when one is free of impeding convictions having insight in oneself and one’s talents.


All industries that focus on leadership and management, commercial advising and selling, collaboration and communication.

Zeeuwland, EPZ, Neckermann, Beate Uhse, Rabobank, Primair Projekt, Centocor, Sanofi, UWV, Univé, Zuidwester, Zorgstroom, DPD pakketdienst, Adecco and many others.

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