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Ruud Aben


Active trainer/coach/consultant since 1988.

Personal passion

My passion is to get organizations and people moving. This is possible at different levels: at employee level, but also at board and management level. Varying from paying attention to the exemplary role of the manager to sharpening the necessary skills of managers and employees. I let managers and employees experience how they can start and strengthen the movement!


My approach is practical, no-nonsense, humorous, critical, result-driven and energetic. People come into action.


Behaviour models (such as DISC, MBTI, TMA, Profile Dynamics en Management Drives) have lead to a deeper insight in opportunities that arise when reflecting on your behaviour. Thinking in terms of opportunities mobilises individuals and teams. It undoubtedly contributes to the ability to realise goals and ambitions. My specialty is to make the connection between behaviour and skills.


Verstegen accountants and consultants, Kontakt Mediapartners, Laudame, De Jager Detachering, Zuidwester, ING, Nationale-Nederlanden, Aegon, SNS Reaal, Volksbank.