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Realisation approach® for change

Our surroundings are constantly on the move. Complex changes follow one another rapidly. The ability to perceive changes and to anticipate them becomes more and more important. Intenza helps you, your team and your organisation to successfully respond to it. As a leader you set the example as to change management.

Intenza has a specific vision about this. Our Realisation approach® is meant to realise a more structural effect in a short period of time. Our approach focuses on creating fast motions with a high impact on customers. The Intenza change management approach includes four steps:


Step 1: Concretising

Your efforts to set people in motion will be idle if you won’t translate ambitions and policy into behaviour. Concretise the necessary behaviour to achieve the ambitions set. This step leads towards a clear definition of organisational values and terms such as ‘proactivity’ and ‘agility’. If you translate ‘WHAT’ into ‘HOW’ the chance of setting people in motion will augment from 4% to 46% (source: Ben Tiggelaar).

Step 2: Inspiring

The goal of inspiring is to have a fertile ground for your seeds. As a leader you take the lead as to this change management approach. Consequently:

  • Because of your exemplary behaviour employees will start changing their behaviour within 12 weeks.
  • Their trust and acceptance will increase because you inspire them with deeds instead of words.
  • Possible ‘obstacles’ will be perceived at an early stage. It will enable you to anticipate them. Because you are standing in the forefront of ‘the fight’ you will experience the impact of adopting a different behaviour yourself.


Step 3: Realising

Quick wins are of crucial importance to raise faith in the new approach. The Intenza Realisation approach focuses on increasing the sustainable effect of your change process. Behavioural scientific research and experiences resulted into an approach developed to effectively direct the desired behaviour within the organisation and to set it in motion. The success formula for guiding this motion will be translated into practical applicable success factors.

Step 4: Embedding

‘Do not create a once-only effect, create a method.’ This is what Intenza believes in. Once the first motion is a fact, you can secure it on and around the work floor. In the embedding phase of the Intenza Realisation approach you will be dealing with questions such as:

  • The first steps have been set. How can we hold this energy?
  • How can we turn occasional behaviour into customary behaviour?
  • What can managers do to keep it on the ‘mental’ agenda?
  • How can we keep our ambitions visible for the organisation?
  • Personal coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Sales coaching
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