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Team development aiming at high performing teams

Multidisciplinary teams – whether or not self-managing – make organisations agile. Successful teams perform and work better together. How do you get a perfectly attuned team that helps each other? Intenza helps teams to develop and become high performing teams.

Team development runs in phases. It starts with making basic agreements upon behaviour. How do we deal with each other? How do we divide roles? How do we deal with feedback? It is an essential step which in practice is often ignored. Sooner or later however there will be that moment on which you will be confronted with one another. Without basic agreements it will go wrong. Intenza always pays attention to the phases of team development.

The role of the leader is another success factor. This role will change during the development process. From a more guiding role in the beginning it will become a facilitating one as the team develops. Once again clear agreements have to be made. Despite all good intentions giving autonomy will be counterproductive unless there is ownership and clarity.

Success is the sum of all individuals. All team members have their own talents and behaviour style. Do you recognise the different styles? How do make use of your own behaviour? Knowledge of the effect and of the various profiles of behaviour will enable team members to communicate more efficiently.

Collaboration often looks very rational and output oriented. Teams become a kind of production plant. When dealing with underlying success factors such as behaviour, motives, styles and mutual relationships team expectations will become clear. Moreover, it will speed up the learning capacity and results of the team. You want to know more about team development? Intenza will be happy to assist in any way.

  • Clear team arrangements
  • Agile teams
  • Team learning
  • Action Learning Cycle
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