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Marc Willems


Studied at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and the Hoge Hotelschool in Maastricht. At a later age I also finished my MBA study. I gained knowledge of people, behaviour, management and business administration. More than twenty years of experience as manager, director, trainer, consultant and coach. Occupied several management and executive functions in corporate and financial service always in the cutting edge of general management, sales and HR management.

Personal passion

I am passionate about enabling individuals, teams and organisations to develop, increase both their results and job satisfaction. When vision, strategy and human behaviour are in line a positive movement and development of teams and organisations can arise.


Clients and people I am working with say my approach strongly aims at immediate applicability in today’s practice and delivering results right away. My style is personal, connecting, positive confronting, humorous, result-oriented and customer-driven.


I believe that human behaviour makes the difference when it comes to the performance of organisations, teams and individuals. I observe the way behaviour is displayed. I reflect on what behaviour is needed to perform successfully. I observe the way someone’s behaviour responds to the context in which it takes place. As to this I make use of different behaviour models. I always bring individuals in line with the vision and strategy of their organisation or team. Doing so I focus on competences and skills in order to empower organisations, teams and individuals to become more successful.


Several boards, management teams, sales teams, customer contact teams in financial service, corporate service, healthcare and non-profit industry.