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Stephan Smink

Stephan Smink


Started my first company at the age of 17: an (automation) consultancy in the early days of ICT. After high school (VWO) I studied Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. Have worked in various commercial and management roles. Was a guest lecturer at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Minor Entrepreneurship). Working full time as trainer, coach, consultant and facilitator since 1998.

Personal passion

Helping people to realize their (business) ideas, plans, ambitions and goals. Of course in line with the desired results of the client. After 25+ years in this profession, for me the biggest compliment remains to be told (sometimes years later) that I have made a tangible contribution to their development.


Involved, direct, analytical, intuitive, headstrong, optimistic and curious. Friendly when possible,  confrontational where needed. Always with the desired result in mind. Serious with a smile.


Competence-based development, management, behavior and drivers, personal effectiveness, coaching and customer service.


Aegon, Atlas Copco, Cordaid, HvA, ING, Ipse de Bruggen, LCDH, Marktplaats, Massarius, Olympia, Salonized, Siteimprove, SNS, TPS.