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Incompany Training

All Intenza in-company training courses are customised. A training is always adapted to the ambitions of your organisation or department thus ensuring fast progress. Intenza in-company training courses make the difference focusing on both your daily practice and the required behaviour. It enables you to secure and apply all lessons learned immediately.

In-company training with result

In-company training is by far the most effective way to acquire new skills next to the corresponding behaviour. Years of experience have shown that success depends on whether or not lessons learned are secured in the short and long term. Intenza in-company training focuses on both the short term (acquiring a new skill) and the long term (displaying the desired behaviour). Five key success factors are:

  • Programmes with a major impact
  • Achieving goals
  • Online learning environment
  • English in-company training as well
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Vijf succesfactoren

    People are more inclined to come into action when plans are translated into real-life behaviour at work. Behavioural scientist Ben Tiggelaar states that vague intentions in terms of behaviour (‘I want to increase my network’) have a poor 4% result after six months. Concrete actions however (‘I am going to attend 3 network meetings next month and I will do it this way…’) show 45% result.
    People do not do what you say, they do what you do. That is why boards of directors and management teams always get crucial tips to lead by example and increase their impact.
    Our learning process covers three steps: doing something new for the first time, doing it more often, doing it better. Intenza therefore makes use of the Action Learning Principle as to in-company training. We translate the lessons learned into practical actions for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and the following day. It will enable you to achieve results in a shorter period of time. From doing, to rhythm, to result.
    The way we act is often determined by the way we think (our convictions). Training new behaviour thus has no use as long as traditional mindsets are still ruling. So, if needed we address altering the mindsets. Individual guiding or coaching can be part of the in-company training programme if necessary.
    Behavioural change is a process not an event. That is why all Intenza learning pathways give you tips to embed the lessons learned in daily practice (guidance, rewards, implementation within your systems, consultative structure and HR processes).

Online learning environment

We also support you before and after your customised training courses via an online learning environment. Participants receive inspiring videos, (action learning) tasks and tests in between. In this way we offer you remote coaching.

Customised training

Intenza believes that people are happier when fulfilling their ambitions. We support you to achieve your goals. We are convinced that learning means doing instead of talking. We offer you interval training courses and enable you to practise (live) cases. Due to intense practising the first changes already will be noticeable during the training. Insight and awareness will enthuse you to adopt the new behaviour.

Let your ambitions become reality.

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