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Inspiring leadership

Management x Doing = Result squared is our view on inspiring leadership. The efforts you make as a leader equal results squared. Are you a leader who effectively mobilises his surrounding? Can you ‘read’ your team members and thus respond to their behaviour? Are you agile? Can you easily win people over? Do you set the example? These are the key factors for inspiring leadership.

Achieving Leadership

Inspiring leadership means stimulating and challenging people to achieve ambitious goals. You know how to achieve the desired behaviour of your people. In an inspiring way you set things in motion. As an inspiring leader you are able to respond to various styles of human behaviour. You make individuals and teams stronger.

Leadership with impact

Intenza teaches directors and managers to increase their impact with goal-oriented and inspiring leadership. It affects both the impact on customers and commercial strength.
Starting point is: do not manage the status quo but set things in motion. Focus on the future by means of team interventions, guidance of your MT, personal coaching, customised development programmes, management training and our open training ‘Inspiring leadership 2.0’.

  • Increase the organisational executive power
  • Be the director of your growth
  • Exploit the power of behaviour
  • Be more inspiring and energetic

Realise your goals in an easier, more pleasant and self-confident way. We will be happy to help you!

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