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To increase revenues

To increase revenues, to win new customers, to retain and develop current customers. All organisations face the challenge to achieve it each year again. Key factors for increasing revenues are mostly a combination of sales activities and commitment of your people.
But products, services and processes also play a role in increasing sales.

Intenza always begins with gaining insight in all customer contact moments (‘moments of truth’). Moments that enable your organisation to make the difference. Our year-long experience enables us to translate those moments into skills and behaviour needed to increase your commercial strength.

Intentions do not result into more sales. Behaviour on the contrary does. It is the starting point of the Intenza approach. Merely training on skills is not sufficient. Guidance of managers and directors and providing more real-life working challenges however will ensure the new sales behaviour. It will lead to a sustainable commercial strength resulting into more revenues.

Do you want a sustainable increase of your commercial strength? Take a look at our sales training courses or contact us to make an appointment. After we have met you already will have practical tips to immediately apply and benefit from.

  • Proven approach
  • Immediately applicable best practices
  • Better result
  • More commercial strength
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